What Are The Top 10 Most Reliable Trucks?

Out of the many pickup truck models and years that have been produced, it is difficult to choose 10 of the most reliable. To make this narrowing down process easier, we looked into what current and past owners are saying, as well as what experts in the industry have claimed. We found that dependability on and off main roads was important to customers, but also a truck's ability handle hard work and even harder play. After taking all these things into consideration, we compiled a list of 10 trucks that ranked highly in every category. These trucks can be seen driving around neighborhoods across America.

These trucks have the best potential to serve you well for quite some time. But remember that the way you treat your vehicle can jeopardize it a lot. Hauling heavy loads and regular heavy-duty towing can prompt issues and wear the parts off before you know it.


2009 Honda Ridgeline - 80/100

The 2009 Honda Ridgeline isn't your average pickup truck - it's much more agile. This is most likely due to its unibody structure. Other features include an all-wheel drive (perfect for uncertain weather conditions) and a switch that allows the computer to give more torque to the wheels that need it, such as when stuck in the mud. In terms of safety, the 2009 Ridgeline earned 80 out of 100; sadly, one major complaint that owners have listed are issues with annoying in-car electronics.


2007 Toyota Tacoma - 82/100

The Toyota Tacoma, with a rating of 82/100, is one of the most reliable trucks on the market. The 4.0-liter V-6 gets great fuel mileage and the improved interior makes it much more comfortable than other work trucks on the market--so much so that it can now be used as a daily driver. There are very few negative reviews about Tacoma; in fact, many people rave about its performance and style. The only complaints seem to be about clutch issues in pickup trucks with manual transmissions installed.


2014 Nissan Frontier - 82/100

Although the Nissan pickup has always been dependable, it hasn't usually made the top 10. However, in 2014 the Nissan Frontier just barely made its way onto the list. The only reason that it didn't earn a higher spot is that consumers weren't happy with the fuel mileage they got - which dropped the overall reliability rating by experts at Consumer Reports to 82 out of 100.


2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD - 83/100

The Silverado 2500HD is one of the most popular pickups on the market and it has earned an overall reliability rating of 83 out of 100. The Silverado can handle heavy loads with its 6.6-liter V8 engine and its wheels are interchangeable with a Silverado 2500 wheel interchange kit which makes customizing one's truck much easier. The Silverado is also one of the most comfortable rides available in a pickup truck and it has all the amenities that you would expect from such a vehicle.


2020 Toyota Tundra - 83/100

The 2020 Toyota Tundra has been worked on by engineers for a few years now and is said to have mostly kinks ironed out, with an 83% reliability rating. owners often compliment the truck but many also report fuel system problems specifically in recent models.


2009 GMC Sierra 2500HD - 83/100

The 2009 GMC Sierra is a powerful truck that can work all day, but it's not the best choice for driving on basic or offroad terrain because its suspension is so stiff. However, you could order the 2500HD with two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or even as a dually to haul extra large loads. It has a rating of 83 out of 100. Current and past owners have noted that the Sierra is dependable truck; their main issue being the drive system - which seems to be common complaint among most years of this truck.


2003 Toyota Tacoma - 89/100

The Toyota Tacoma appears on this list again because the company makes good trucks. Consumer Reports gave the 2003 model an 89 out of 100 for reliability, and owners only report major issues with its rough ride.


2017 Toyota Tundra - 90/100

The Toyota Tundra failed to produce a quality truck throughout the first generation; however, things began changing for the better in 2008. In 2017, Consumer Reports gave the Tundra its highest rating yet of 90 out of 100. The only significant problem that owners have reported is with the fuel system - the fuel gauge can be inaccurate by up to 10 gallons and the fuel pump has been known to fail prematurely. Other than that, only minor complaints have been made which are more bothersome than anything else.


2014 Honda Ridgeline - 92/100

The Honda Ridgeline makes a comeback on this year's top 10 list of reliable trucks. Even though it doesn't have the typical truck body, its unibody setup drives smoothly on main roads and off the beaten path. The reliability ranking for the 2014 Honda Ridgeline came in at 92 out of 100, with consumers saying all is good except for the in-car electronics.


2011 Chevrolet Avalanche - Customer Favorite!

Most truck companies, such as Chevy, have had their share of problems. Even though it might not have been popular when first released, the 2011 Chevrolet Avalanche is a top pick because it is so versatile and useful. Although Consumer Reports doesn't have enough information to rate this one yet, Edmunds' customer satisfaction numbers show that the 2011 Avalache should be in the top 10.