Acura OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

If you own an Acura, you understand that it requires luxury maintenance. At Mike Hale Acura, we have genuine OEM parts for all models of the lineup. But why is it preferable to choose these authentic components over aftermarket goods? Look into the differences here at our dealership in Salt Lake City and Draper – trust us when we tell you that investing in original materials will be beneficial for your vehicle's performance!

Genuine Acura OEM Parts: A Rundown

Orem drivers recognize that Acura parts are designed to provide the utmost in performance, efficiency, and durability. An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part guarantees you're getting a replacement piece constructed by and approved by Acura itself! When investing in genuine Acura pieces there's no shortage of benefits such as:

  • Warranty – Most Acura OEM parts come with a standard 12-month/12,000-mile warranty, so if the part breaks through no fault of your own while driving on wintry roads, Acura will replace it for you.
  • Fit – Acura OEM parts are fit specifically to your Acura MDX or Acura RDX, which means you can look forward to optimal performance for all driving conditions.
  • Reliability – Because OEM parts have been approved by the manufacturer, Provo drivers can look forward to the same level of long-term dependability you expect from this manufacturer.

Aftermarket Parts

Nothing can compare to Acura OEM parts when it comes to quality and performance. Aftermarket products often lack warranties, and the actual quality of the components is questionable at best. It's always a safer bet to pay more upfront for genuine replacement or repair parts; they will be worth their weight in gold with regards to both dependability and peace of mind!

Some aftermarket components of high quality from reliable manufacturers can be as good as OEM parts or even more beneficial for your Acura. Performance parts can potentially get you amazing results. However, such upgrades have requirements. For instance, if you want to install wider wheels with heavy tires, your original wheel fasteners will not fit. To secure these new wheels you will need longer and sturdier studs and a new set of lug nuts to match their size.

Get Discounted Acura Parts by Taking Advantage of Our Parts Specials!

Are you in the Provo area and want to install parts yourself? At Mike Hale Acura, we make it easy for you! All you have to do is order your desired parts online and they will be delivered right away. Plus, don't forget our limited-time discounts on high quality Acura Parts! If DIY work isn’t your thing, trust our highly experienced service department instead.