2022 Toyota Tacoma Buyer's Guide

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma has been a staple of the midsize truck segment for decades. With an impressive powertrain, state-of-the-art technology, and rugged styling, it’s no wonder why the Tacoma is consistently at the top of buyer’s lists. To help you navigate the features and trim levels available in the 2022 Tacoma, we have put together this comprehensive buyer’s guide. From engine specs to off-road capabilities and more, you’ll find all the information you need to make an educated purchase decision. Ready to learn more? Let’s take a look at everything that makes the 2022 Toyota Tacoma such a great truck.

Is it worth buying a 2022 Tacoma?

The 2022 Tacoma is an incredibly capable truck that’s perfect for a variety of driving needs. It has a powerful engine, advanced technology, and rugged off-road capabilities. Whether you need to tackle tough terrain or just take on the daily grind, the Tacoma is up to the task. It also comes in several trim levels and configurations so you can find the perfect truck for your lifestyle and budget.

What is different about the 2022 Tacoma?

Toyota recently revamped the Tacoma TRD Pro for 2022 by adding black TRD wheels, dual-color exterior styling, and a new color: Electric Lime Metallic. However, much of this price increase is not due to improved off-road capability. Instead, the Tacoma TRD Pro gets a boost in technology with Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning and Blind Spot Monitoring now standard.

Engine & Performance

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma comes with a strong 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 278 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque and has a fuel tank capacity of 21.1 gallons. It’s mated to either a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission, depending on the trim level you choose. The Tacoma is available in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, and you can also opt for TRD off-road packages that feature a locking differential, skid plates, and more.

Safety & Technology

The 2022 Tacoma comes standard with Toyota’s Safety Sense suite of driver assistance systems. This includes features like lane departure warning, automatic high beams, and adaptive cruise control. The Tacoma also comes with technology features like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility and an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

Wheels & Tires

The Tacoma comes standard with 16-inch wheels but can be upgraded to 17 or 18-inch wheels depending on the trim level. The Tacoma lug pattern are also unique, at 6×139.7mm, which means that you won’t be able to use regular off-the-shelf tires for this truck.

Which is better Tacoma or RAM?

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma maximum horsepower is 278 hp, and the truck gets 20 city mpg and 23 highway mpg. The Ram 1500, on the other hand, gets up to 702 hp, making it more powerful. And its mileage comes in at 23 city mpg and 33 highway mpg, making it more efficient as well. However, when it comes to off-roading, the Tacoma has the edge. Its TRD packages come with specialized suspension and underbody protection, giving it an advantage when venturing into rough terrain.


The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is a great choice for anyone in the market for a midsize truck. It packs plenty of power and off-road capability, and it comes with the latest safety and technology features. If you’re in the market for a reliable truck that can handle your toughest tasks, the Tacoma is worth considering. We hope this buyer's guide has been helpful in providing information on this incredible vehicle. Good luck with your purchase!